“Remnants” at The SameSpaceGallery (2019)

I am currently exhibiting at New Plymouth’s tiniest Art Gallery! The ‘Same Space Gallery’ is an experimental project which aims to challenge expected notions of a gallery space within the urban environment. Each artist is challenged to work within the confines of physical space, a small plywood box! If you would like to view the exhibition the unlock code is 303…. It is located in the King and Queen Hotel parking area, by the stairs leading to Ms Whites in the West End Precinct.


“TheSameSpaceGallery presents this beautifully crafted work which both pays homage to whilst obscures the sense of Japanese design and style, whilst reflecting the artists own cultural background and experiences. Through a change of scale, Tilly has cleverly used the replication process as a muse to construct, from material offcuts from previous projects, an immediately recognisable cultural icon. This process of repurposing is an important aspect of Tilly’s work which establishes a conversation around issues of waste and consumerism.
From visits to Japan the artist was intrigued by the juxtaposition of ancient traditions, and the modern obsession with new things; old restaurants with carved wooden door frames embellished in gold, and ninety nine pieces of plastic sushi in acrylic boxes lining the windows, Buddhist shrines and temples, with rows of illuminated vending machines selling energy drinks just beside. Old and new traditions coexist in a fascinating way, this relationship is an element which has influenced this latest TheSameSpaceGallery exhibit.”


The Collaboration Pop Up (2018)

As of this week I’m part of a great wee project here in New Plymouth known as “The Collaboration”. It consists of a group of local retailers and artists who have all come together in a shop and gallery space to exhibit and sell their wares. The Pop Up runs until mid March and I have taken up a place in the retail space selling my children’s clothing, velvet cushions and recent embroidery works.

The Collaboration Pop Up is located at 22 Devon Street East in New Plymouth and runs from February 21st until March 18th 2018. It’s packed full of beautiful things to see and buy, from handmade clothing to restored furniture, and stunning home wares to spectacular modern artworks. not to mention a whole load of cool stuff for the small humans of our lives. come down and see for yourself or find out more on the facebook page


Velvet cushions (2018)

I’m currently totally into vintage velvet, and have been making round cushions in gorgeous reds and pinks. I’m now working on getting them into a New Plymouth retailer. So WATCH THIS SPACE for info on where you can get them in town!


Matched (2017)


My last project was an exhibition called Matched. It’s a series of miniature outfits based on items from my own wardrobe. Each item has personal meaning to me. The outfits had been scaled down to 10% of the original size, and displayed in over-sized Kraft paper match boxes.

full from front small

I’m happy to say that Matched was a success, and a great start for me as a real life “exhibitor”, or “Exhibitionist” as a friend called me!!! Here are photos of the work on the walls…