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Velvety Goodness - I do love the way fashions go around in circles. And I always marvel at the way something I thought was hideous three years earlier gradually becomes so appealing as it appears in window displays, walking down the street on some hot fashionista type, or in the glossy pages of my fave mag (except glossy… Continue reading Velvety Goodness
The Big Three Oh. - I have just entered the last few weeks of living in my twenties. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been more tuned into it, or if it’s that freaky way all your devices stalk your life and read your mind, but everywhere I look are articles and blogs about turning the big 3-OH. There… Continue reading The Big Three Oh.
ArtistCrush#1: Emily McDowell - I need to begin with apologies for the extended gap between posts. I’m still trying to get to grips with this Blogging thing. I swing between thinking it’s the best idea ever, creating a forum to share what inspires me and discuss new projects, tell stories and chat about (an edited version of) the shit… Continue reading ArtistCrush#1: Emily McDowell
Behind the minis - Matched is coming down today, and I’ve finally edited the photos. So here’s a little blog explaining what is special to me about each outfit I recreated for this dinky exhibition….. Wham Bam I bought the George Michael T-shirt about five years ago from Ebay. In fact it was a little more than five years… Continue reading Behind the minis
Have a break, have a mental health day - When I used to hear people say they’d taken a “mental health day”, as in a day off work, I saw it as a cheeky excuse to have a midweek lie in. Maybe the surf report sounded good on Tuesday. Or maybe they just couldn’t be bothered listening to Sheila gossiping at the office again. But… Continue reading Have a break, have a mental health day
Totes - yet again, only a few blogs in, I’m struggling to find the perfect thing to write about. It’s funny, because the last two weeks have been so insanely busy with school holidays, exhibition/studio launches and open days, birthdays, wine and design evenings, visits from in laws and old friends…blah blah blah the list goes on.… Continue reading Totes
Matched - The thing that’s been taking up most of my working hours recently is a ‘tiny’ project that I’ve dubbed “Matched”. The idea came about from comments that I get sometimes from women who have bought my children’s clothes, along the lines of “when are you going to start making these clothes for adults?” or “I… Continue reading Matched
Spontaneity at its’ finest - For the last three or four days I’ve been having trouble deciding what my next blog could be about. Should I go for the old work/life balance question? Well no, because it would likely be boring and repetitive of half a million other blogs on the internet. Should I talk about the amazing new parenting… Continue reading Spontaneity at its’ finest
So I’m starting a Blog - It’s difficult to know how to start my first ever blog. The first hurdle seems by far the tallest, and in fact I have endless notes and even a couple of finished blogs already written up for later in the game. But it’s that very first one that feels so scary. Where do I start?… Continue reading So I’m starting a Blog