I’m Mathilde May, AKA Tilly. Dressmaker, creative, fabric obsessive, and over-thinker. Wife to Alex, and Mother to Rex, Maia, and Stevie.

I grew up in London. For four years I worked with my Mum as a costume maker for Film and TV, and a nanny for brilliant children around the city. My life was spent sewing, building marble runs, hunting for second hand treasures, and enjoying all that the best Capital in the world has to offer.

Ten years ago, I left big city life and moved to New Zealand with Alex. Life by the mountain is different, but no less busy than The Big Smoke. I’ve swapped nightlife for coffee life, Oxfam hopping for kiwi OpShopping, and other people’s children for my very own and their gaggle of mates. Coming from a place so well known for it’s galleries and museums, I’m now in a vibrant small city where it’s easy to get your Art and Culture fix! London or Taranaki, I’m inspired every day.

Following in the footsteps of my Mum I started my own sewing business. Mathilde May. I use my skills to make you what you need, whether it be making clothes that really fit, or recreating your favourite wardrobe items. I also work on bigger projects like soft furnishings for your home or workplace, or uniforms for your business. I also dedicate part of my time to my own textile art projects and children’s clothing.

Here at MathildeMay.com I’ll share with you my latest projects, showcase my handmade children’s clothing, and keep you entertained with life’s musings in my blog, Threading the Needle.

Enjoy, Tilly xxx