Behind the minis

Matched is coming down today, and I’ve finally edited the photos. So here’s a little blog explaining what is special to me about each outfit I recreated for this dinky exhibition…..

Wham Bam

I bought the George Michael T-shirt about five years ago from Ebay. In fact it was a little more than five years because I stretched it over my bump when I was pregnant with Rex. I love George, and for me personally he was the most significant loss of the legends in the cursed 2016. Bowie, Prince and countless other heroes left us. But I especially loved getting on the dance floor to a bit of Club Tropicana.

My mum gave me the jeans, and every girl needs a pair of high waisted vintage Levis right? But my favourite last minute addition was the belt. After a lot of practicing I managed to work out how to weave some string just like my old leather one!



Mini Me

The dinosaur jumper is another Ebay score. I bid on many auctions for this jumper, I think from Urban Outfitters, but kept missing out. One day I searched again and saw my jumper in tiny, for a little person! It just so happened I had a little person and so I won it for Rex. In the name of mum/child matchy matchy I was now determined to win one for myself. Eventually I forked out some extra cash and ensured I got one for myself. Now Maia and I get to be Dinosaur buddies. The skirt is an old Topshop find in a charity shop.




I bought this beaded top years ago in a very random vintage shop on Holloway Road in London. It’s moth eaten and wearing pretty thin. I’ve resewn buttons and mended holes countless times, but I’m determined for it to last another few years. My mum made me the beautiful silk skirt for a very special occasion. This outfit is called mismatched because I initially thought the top and skirt looked terrible together, I’ve come around to now thinking it’s the best partnership of the whole collection. I even wore it on launch night!




I think mum bought this hoody for my 19th birthday and it’s been my favourite comfy jumper ever since. It’s so old, and the cuffs are on the brink of falling off. I figure that it adds to the stonewashed “worn out” look… It was only right that it went with my ripped jeans.



Thanks Mamie

These amazing dungarees were a Christmas present a couple of years ago from my best childhood friend Mamie Joyce. I hadn’t been home in a couple of years, but she must have known telepathically that I was desperate for a pair and got me the perfect size. I wear them all the time, and often with the striped top that was a hand-me-down from Mamie too!




Last year the kids and I were in London and Alex was back here in NZ. It was Father’s Day and he was a long way away from his babes. So I made superhero outfits for the three of us to do a little photo shoot for him to make him smile. I had a sparkly top, Rex had a cape, and Maia had some little shorts which she’s a bit big for now!



Steve in Space

I wore this leather skirt a loooooong time ago when Alex and I had first got together. I wore it at the pub we worked at and he later told me he thought it was terrible haha! Last time I was in London I dug it out of a cupboard at my family home and put it on it again. He told me it was much nicer than the one I’d worn all those years before. Sucker!!!

The T-Shirt is the most special item of the whole exhibition. It belonged to my Dad, he’d been given it by his God-daughters who designed and painted it themselves. He looked great in it, and he loved Space.



One for the Girls

This velvet jumpsuit is another Christmas gift from my beautiful Mamie. That girl’s got style. I wasn’t sure, as I felt I’d never be brave enough to wear it. But she convinced me and I’m glad she did! This piece was called “One for the Girls” as it incorporated a few of the key things that guys seem to hate and girls seem to love….Velvet, high waist, and culotte type pants. For the mini collection the jumpsuit wasn’t enough on it’s own. So that’s when I broke the rule I’d made (Only recreate items I already own) and bought a jacket on TradeMe. A bit more vintage Levis is a pretty great addition to my wardrobe though, so I let myself off for cheating. The tiny jacket also ended up being my favourite item in miniature!



All of these photos plus a couple more will be up on the Projects page of my website. Thank you to everybody who came to see Matched, and supported me along the way. And a massive thank you to those who bought a piece! But most importantly, Happy Birthday Dad, 8th of the 8th is a special day indeed.

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