Spontaneity at its’ finest

For the last three or four days I’ve been having trouble deciding what my next blog could be about. Should I go for the old work/life balance question? Well no, because it would likely be boring and repetitive of half a million other blogs on the internet. Should I talk about the amazing new parenting technique I’ve acquired that’s totally changed my daily routine? Well no I shouldn’t, because I haven’t acquired anything new except an unscratched DVD of How To Train Your Dragon that will keep Rex occupied for an hour and a half every few days. For about three seconds I actually contemplated the topic of climate change because last night I watched Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” which blew my mind. Then I scolded myself for even considering to attempt a discussion on the biggest moral issue of our time in my craft blog. Cringe. Please do recycle though.

So I’m only a couple of blogs in and I’ve already got writer’s block. Great. I’m sitting with my laptop open feeling really stuck, teetering on the edge of going onto ASOS.com and checking out the latest sale items. Then as if by some kind of divine intervention in walks Maia with a photo in her hand. She’s taken it from an old box under our bed (I shouldn’t lie, it’s not a box, it’s a mangled old paper bag with years worth of disorganised letters and photographs). She hands it over to me and it’s perfect! Maia has just presented me with just the kind of content I know I will enjoy writing about.

India Apr-Jun-July '08 (314)

The photo is of my face. It’s dark. The rest of what’s happening I should probably explain. It was 10 years ago during a trip to India. Between my teeth is a wooden spoon, it was to bite on when Johnny the hippie pushed a date thorn held in his wrinkled old hands into my nostril. Hence the wincing. There was no flash for this one, the only light came from Johnny’s headtorch, and it’s kinda perfect for the photo. The moment was so well captured. I’d never before considered getting my nose pierced, but that afternoon I thought “Why not?”. Spontaneity at it’s finest. I bought myself a silver stud, and that night there we sat, a motley crew sheltering from the pouring rain under a mud hut, in the middle of a forest in South India. Piercing each other’s faces.

The photo made me think about how important these kinds of moments are. And made me reminisce all the other stand out moments from my memory, the stories I have to tell my children one day. And I realize I want to create more stories. But the opportunity for those really random moments don’t seem to pop up quite so often any more.

I’m not going to start talking about how life before responsibilities, when you were young and carefree were the best times of your lives. Maybe they were, maybe they weren’t. I think that every stage in life has wonderful elements, as well as struggles. And actually I wouldn’t want to swap my responsibility of a family, house, bills and running a small business for anything else, because I love it. I have no issues with being “tied down”, it ain’t hard to find fun. Yet, it would be foolish to say that it’s as easy now to have spontaneous, out of the ordinary moments as it was when I was a backpacking twenty year old, when the only person I needed to look after was myself.

I don’t wanna suddenly go skinny dipping in front of a bunch of kindergarten kids, that’s just inappropriate. And I’m not going to do anything for the sake of being rebellious. Definitely nothing that damages property or offends anyone….I guess I’m just on the hunt for the “current lifestyle” equivalents of my night with the date thorn. Like if I met a trainee body painter who needed models, I’d say “ME!” Or if a friend invited me to join them for their boxing training, why not? And next time somebody tells me they’re climbing to the summit of Mount Taranaki, I’m calling a babysitter, and going with them.

It’s still possible to do something out of your comfort zone without flying to far off lands, or putting yourself in mortal peril. So if the opportunity presents itself somewhere between tax returns, making lasagne, and taking the rubbish out, I’m gonna say Yes.


I love that I have this image of such a great memory from all those years ago. And I need to take this opportunity to credit my favourite photographer, beautiful travel companion, and one of my besties, Poppy Coles. There’s lots I could say about her, but that would be a whole blog of its’ own. Poppy and I took hundreds of photos on our trip. And I knew that somewhere there was a video of thorn fest…. So I looked back through all my hard drives and I found just what I was looking for. Here are some of my faves. Enjoy!

And here’s the video! Post thorn, getting the stud in….. Don’t watch it if you’re squeamish!!

8 thoughts on “Spontaneity at its’ finest”

  1. Loved that blog Belle, it brought back quite stressful memories for me – your bank account being emptied via that Internet cafe whilst you and Pops lived up your tree! But that film, that was me, with vicious hangover, piercing my own ear to try and send the pain from the killer headache elsewhere! God, we’ve had some fun. Love you xxx

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  2. Oh god that was awful!! and our only telephone was probably made in the seventies, and sat in a tiny concrete cubicle (the only concrete amongst all the huts and treehouses!) trying to get hold of you and the bank! argh!
    it was so funny finding that film, haven’t seen it in years! But now that I’ve done childbirth it didn’t make me wince n the slightest watching it back!


  3. I love that post – especially as you didn’t talk about some new parenting skill that I would have kicked myself for missing out on and …. it reminded me of the day in our teenage years when your mum used a sewing needle (what else?!) to give me a second piercing in my left ear. I can’t remember whether it was that or then forcing a much thicker stud through the tiny hole that made me want to pass out with pain. I had to have a lie down xo Sue


  4. What amaizing photos tilly, thanks for sharing.. i never knew you got your nose peirced in India! Wow loving the blogs girly x


  5. I love this! Still ways to be the same person and be spontaneous even with kiddies. Life is definitely not over when you have a family it all goes really fast 🙂 ps. Being a mother definitely hasn’t stopped me from skinny dipping lol – not infront of kindergarten kids though


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